About Albania Network Solution

Albania Network Solution is one of the leading companies for 15 years in the Albanian market, where it occupies a very important place due to the fact of a very large and successful experience in the field of IT and over the years has played a key role in the realization of important installation projects in Albania, implementation of Lan Wan systems, Supervision and Services in Software, Maintenance and Online Support, Web Design, Network, Security Cameras, Alarm Systems. Our company for more than 4 years strongly cooperates in the field of Telemarketing (Call Center) offering you a cooperation in maintenance, CRM, Hardware, Network, Server, LINUX, Voip, Installations.

Quality & Technology

We are based on the quality of products and the speed of realization of your LAN systems with modern standards such as Category 7 (STP) 600 MHZ, Category 6a 500 MHZ, Category 5e FTP 250 MHZ, as well as the certification of your Network through intelligent equipment (Fluke ). We build Fiber Optic Systems, Single Mode and Multi Mode Systems. Part of this company are Network Engineers, Software, Hardware, Web Developer, CRM Programmer qualified, with several years of experience in Albania. With us you will find a professional and correct cooperation and a friendly spirit of cooperation.


Our partners are from many different countries, Albania, Italy, Greece, Turkey and other countries in the region and abroad, we are proud but also ambitious for the future and work diligently to solve problems in this area. For us you are the first! Thank you for choosing our company! “Our Mission” The mission of our company is to offer quality products and service to our customers. Our overall goal is to grow our business year after year.


We have talented, energetic and motivated staff to constantly expand their knowledge and improve the “Staff” performance.

The company has a staff of qualified Engineers, where the main manager  Sir. Rasim Jeshili, who also holds the position of Executive Director. The company has realized standardized networks of high categories where everything is built in a professional and quality way.