We are committed to innovation and sophistication.
The best solutions for you and your business at all times.
We provide detailed services for your activity and project.

Who we are

Albania Network Solution is specialized in information systems integration. Provides technical consultancy, implementation of the latest Information Technology solutions and service assistance. The company has a staff of qualified Engineers, led by Sir. Rasim Jeshili, who also holds the position of Executive Director. The company has realized standardized networks of high categories where every product is built in a professional and qualified way. Collaborating with clients to help them expand and grow their business, ANS uses and evaluates the latest technological solutions offered by international partners. The company is enriching and simplifying communication channels by making information accessible anywhere and anytime.

What can we do for you?

Consultancy and Presales

With a team of consultants and technical presales staff who assists the customers to identify the technical and business needs.

System Integration

We provide integration services that span from infrastructure level to business applications and vertical solutions.

Evaluation Services

As the first phase of the major project is the evaluation phase. We practice our evaluation services in data fields.

Project Management And Services

Our team consists of certified professionals who apply project management showing the company's values.

Support And Maintenance Services

We offer a wide range of Software and Hardware support, maintenance services, and IT assistance.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is primary in every service and product we offer, remaining for years a leader in the national market.



Maximum dedication to serve our customers with professional ethics and meeting their expectations.


Serious and professional relationship with all suppliers and customers.


Collaborative ethics and career development opportunities for all employees.

Our services

Website Design

Our team creates and develops web pages with a unique and personalized design for an easily accessible site.

Security Systems

Do you need a security systems solution in your company? Our team offers the best security systems for every company.


A CRM system helps your company find the path to easier success through business strategies.


Your company will not have Hardware problems but equipment, which is taken care of by a specialized and professional team.


Our team provides solutions to Software problems at all times, supporting your company physically and remotely.


Now is the time for your business to take advantage of the unparalleled clarity of extremely low cost voice calls.


We provide you with infrastructure, management, support, maintenance and warranty for your servers professionally.


ANS staff provides project management and implementation, professional support, maintenance and warranty on Networking services.


By establishing strong partnership relations with major international companies, the company aims to bring the best solutions to its customers. Operates only with the latest technologies in favor of the development of the client’s business. The selection of Partners is done through an evaluation that aims to find a potential partner to meet the needs of our client, as well as meet our quality and performance standards.

A team dedicated to your success

Professionalism, flexibility and correctness are the values of our team. Fully committed to providing superior quality services and products in the international market, ensuring the success of your business.