Albania Network Solution has an effective team, processes and equipments to ensure that the IT infrastructure  is always effectively functioning. We take full responsibilities to ensure availability and performance in your IT infrastructure, by offering a wide range of different Service Level Agreements which can be performed by the Enterprise Services Department.

The Fixed Service Agreement we can offer includes:

SLA-1: NORMAL (request for routine maintenance / technical assistance / consultancy)

URGENT (request for urgent maintenance / technical assistance / consultancy)

CRITICAL (request for very urgent maintenance / technical assistance / consultancy)

Moreover, we offer specialized solutions alternating personal specifications.

(customized solutions to specific customer requirements)

Our support and maintenance agreements include, but are not limited to:

– In your premises / Fixed support
– Preventive maintenance
– Proactive monitoring
– Manufacturer and supplier management
– SLA monitoring and management
– Optional stock contractual

The advantages of our Enterprise Service includes

– Experience in complex management and critical IT business infrastructure
– Source skills and certificates
– Opportunity for delivery throughout the Albanian territory
– Long-term financial stability
– People and best business practices
– Flexibility in all operations

The advantages of the Client are:

– A single point of contact for the contract
– Allows you to focus on the business core
– Ensured availability of IT systems
– Operational effectiveness for your IT operations
– Risk reduction
– Reduction of operating costs
– Keep infrastructure developments under control
– Dedicated administrative and technical staff certified by the Service Provider

For more information on support & maintenance, please contact us: